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Web Envy Invoice for SEO


This morning (March 23, 2021) 2 different clients of mine received a bogus invoice via FAX (Yes I said FAX) from a company called Web Envy.

The invoices were for SEO/Link Building services for $98.57.

This is the first time I've ever seen one of these letters being sent via fax. And normally there is some fine print saying “this is not a bill, etc. But this came through like a regular invoice.

Supposedly this company is in Texas but the number the FAX was sent from was (239) 237-1702 which is a Florida number. A quick search on this phone number showed many complaints about this number with some people stating when they received the fax via eFax the PDF’s contained Malware.

Apparently, the phone number (239) 237-1702 also sends bogus faxes claiming to be from GoDaddy, CareMax Pharmacy and even Amazon as well.

When I checked the Web Envy domain (, it showed that it was just registered for the first time on March 7 2021 - so this website has only been up 16 days - not since 2013 like they claim.

The strange thing is that the website has quite a few pages – and it appears the companies and projects are real companies. If you go to the website – it is very generic and the social media links on their site don't go anywhere because they have no social media presence at all.

Also the internet archive has no history of this company / website. When I do a search for Texas businesses and DBA's - there is no company called Web Envy Solutions. When I type in their business address Google maps shows a rundown strip Mall where half of the offices are empty.

So, is this a legit company that recently changed it’s name and got a new domain, or did a unscrupulous company buy this website and is now using it to scam people?

But then we are back to the Fake bills and malicious faxes. If a hacker is sending these out – why do they go to the Web Envy business address and use it’s phone number?

Last but not least – When I call the Web Envy phone number (1-888-236-2606) I get a recording saying this number is no longer in service.

So if you get a FAX from this scam company - toss this in the trash. If you open a PDF with one of these invoices – scan your computer for Malware immediately.

Don't fall for scams! If you receive anything via email or snail mail (or FAX) and you are not familiar with the company or unsure what the invoice is for - please take a few minutes and Google it!

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Internet Blog
This morning (March 23, 2021) 2 different clients of mine received a bogus invoice via FAX (Yes I said FAX) from a company called Web Envy. The invoices were for SEO/Link Building services for $98.57....
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