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Caroline Vance Web Design Spam Email


I always find it amusing when I get emails like the one below. Obviously, this is not a real person and even if it was they never looked at my website. Unfortunately too many people who get these spam emails actually reply to them – and that only encourages these spammers.

Sometimes they even send emails that have been personalized with your name and website address, but rest assured it was an email automatically generated by software probably on a computer located in a dark dusty closet in Turkey, china, or India.

The software behind these emails uses publicly available information on domain name owners to get the contact emails.  Or, your contact info may have been just on a list purchased by the spammer.

When hundreds of thousands of emails are sent – they only need a handful of gullible people to take the bait.

From: Caroline Vance <vance _caroline@>;
Sent: Fri, May 29, 2020 5:38 am
Subject: Re: Website Designing


My Name is Caroline, and I design great look websites for small business owners with my cost effective service. I'm contacting you to see if there are changes or enhancements that you'd like to make to your site. Have you been thinking about upgrading your site to a cutting edge look and feel or add a few elements to the site that will help automate some of your business? If so, I'd really love to speak with you.

If you are interested then I will send you our past work details, client testimonials and web quotation.

I am waiting for your positive response,


Caroline Vance

The program even followed up 3 months later:


Hope you are doing well.

Did you get a chance to see the my previous email?

looking for positive response.


Caroline Vance

No phone number, no company name or address, they just want a reply so they know they have a real person.

It’s tempting to reply and tell them to stop sending emails – but don’t do it! Just delete the emails. If enough people ignore them – maybe someday they will stop.

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